WDCC Elected Delegates

Congratulations to our Delegates, Alternates elected, Add-on Delegates Representing the Woburn Democrats at this year’s Convention!

**Additional Add-on Delegates**
– Mario Bertoni, Ward 6
– Geraldine O’Connell, Ward 6

2021 WDCC Caucus

The Woburn Democratic City Committee will hold caucuses for each Ward Committee on Saturday, July 10.  Each caucus will elect 3 Delegates and 3 Alternates to attend the September 25 Massachusetts Democratic State Convention which will be held in Lowell. 

*PREREGISTRATION IS REQUIRED* Below you will find the times for each individual Ward Committee’s Caucus, the link to register for the Zoom call, and information on how to contact each Ward Chair:

All registered Democrats in Woburn or pre-registered Democrats age 16 or older by June 15, 2021 are welcome to participate by voting or running as a Delegate.  If you don’t know your ward or need to check your voter registration, please visit the Secretary of State website. Youth, minorities, people with disabilities, and LGBTQ+ individuals who are not elected as a Delegate or Alternate may apply to be an Add-On Delegate at the caucus or at www.massdems.org by August 6, 2021.

We look forward to a successful caucus day and to your participation!

2021 Preliminary Call to Convention

The Massachusetts Democratic Party, in fulfillment of the “Charter of the Democratic Party of  the Commonwealth of Massachusetts,” hereby calls a convention for the purpose of adopting a party platform. 

The convention will occur on September 25, 2021 and the final schedule will be announced in the Final Call to Convention, which will be published in August, 2021.

The entire MassDems’ Preliminary Call of Convention can be read in full by clicking the link here.

Some helpful information on the Massachusetts Democratic State Committee’s 2021 Method of Selecting Delegates can be found by visiting the link here.

More information on the 2021 Democratic Caucuses can be found by visiting the MassDems website at 2021 MDP Convention Caucuses | Massachusetts Democratic Party (massdems.org.

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