Woburn Democrats Endorse “Yes” on Questions 1 & 4

Committee voted to endorse both at recent Fall meeting

The Woburn Democratic City Committee (WDCC) voted to endorse a “YES” vote on Questions 1 and 4 that will appear on the ballot this Fall.

“I am glad that the Woburn Democratic City Committee took the action to endorse both these important ballot questions,” said WDCC Chair Jennifer Baker Jones. “A YES on Question 1 in support of the Fair Share Amendment gives us the opportunity to improve both our schools and roads, while a YES on Question 4 maintains the legislative action taken to allow Massachusetts residents who cannot provide proof of lawful presence in the United States to obtain a standard driver’s license. Better schools and safer roads make for a better Commonwealth.”

A YES vote on Question 1 creates a Constitutional amendment to the state’s Constitution, imposing an additional 4% tax only on incomes over one million dollars to be used by the State Legislature solely for the appropriation towards education and transportation.

Voting YES on Question 4 upholds the current law passed this session by the State Legislature which allows all residents of Massachusetts to obtain driver’s licenses or learner’s permits despite their immigration status; ensuring all drivers on our roadways are properly trained and have the ability to purchase insurance.

To learn more about each of the questions on the ballot this Fall please visit the Secretary of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts’ website at VoteInMA.com. For more information on the Woburn Democratic City Committee please visit their website at WoburnDems.org.

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